Sheet Metal Forming

The C.G.D.  has a press shop, complete with a variety of machines ranging from 40 to 400 tons. Particular attention is paid in the choice of using particular technologies that allow machines to obtain high-quality productions To meet the increasing demand just in time by customers, CGD  uses an advanced and customized computer system that allows quick and efficient management of orders, with the highest production elasticity.

Each customer request is fulfilled thanks to the continuous search for new tools such aselectronic ballasts and new technologies, such as control boxes that continuously monitor the process inside the mold. To ensure a high quality standard of the production cycle is followedconsistently in every detail: from the procurement of raw material control, until the final tests. If the client requests C.G.D.  is also capable of functioning as prime contractor arranging all thatis needed to provide the customer with the finished product.